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History of the Mackenzie Tartan of the Pipes and Drums of the Saskatoon Light Infantry.

The Pipes and Drums of the Saskatoon Light Infantry were formed in 1942 by Pipe Major Duncan Campbell at the request of the late Lt. Col. A. McNeil, Commanding Officer of the Second S.L.I. The Second S.L.I. were disbanded on the return of the First Battalion from overseas service in 1945 but the Pipes and Drums were adopted as the Band of the unit.

Although the Pipes and Drums were retained by the Saskatoon Light INfantry, they were not officially part of the unit. The pipers and drummers were machine gunners, or carrier drivers who performed their band parades in addition to their regimental duties. It was not until 1955 that the Pipes and Drums became an officially authorized part of the unit establishment.

The Pipes and Drums, when fully authorized, were asked to submit details of their Highland Dress to Army Headquaters for approval. The most important decision to be made was the selection of a tartan. The MacKenzie Tartan was selected because of the admiration in which the Saskatoon Light Infantry held the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. These two regiments formed part of the First Canadian Infantry Division and the Saskatoon Light Infantry, as Divisional Machine Gun Regiment, supported the Seaforth Highlanders on many occasions.

Approval was sought from the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada for the Saskatoon Light Infantry to request permission from the Seaforth Highlanders of the British Army to wear the Mackenzie Tartan. Approval of such a request was given and the privilege of wearing the Mackenzie Tartan was graciously granted by the Seaforth Highlanders. Early in 1958, the wearing of the Mackenzie Tartan by the Pipes and Drums of the Saskatoon Light Infantry was approved by the Canadian Army Headquaters.

The ceremony today (11 May 1958 - 1615 hrs) marks a privilege bestowed upon the Pipes and Drums by one of the most distinguished regiments of the British Army and by a Canadian Highland Regiment which is held in high esteem. The Pipes and Drums of the Saskatoon Light Infantry shall wear the Mackenzie Tartan ever mindful of this occasion and the high honor which has been conferred upon them.

Second Battalion of the
North Saskatchewan Regiment

The Saskatoon Light Infantry (S.L.I.)

Ceremony conferring the Tartan of the
Seaforth Highlanders

May 11, 1958
16:15 hours



Click the SHOC crest above to go to the official site of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada.


The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada in the trenches at Neuville. 1917.