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North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipes and Drums Association Tune List May 2023

March Medley
Pay the Piper (4/4)
Jim Thompson of Flagstaff (3/4)
Bathgate Highland Gathering (9/8)

Deputy Chief Wingate 2/4
Aspen Banks (Strathspey)
Mac & Irish (Strathspey)
The Ale is Dear (reel)
Red Fox (Hornpipe)


Itchy Fingers (reel), Scotch on the Rocks (4/4)

Cutting Bracken (2/4), Rocking the Baby (jig), Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife (Jig)

Heroes of Ortona (3/4), Bloody Fields of Flanders (3/4)

MoGhile Mear (4/4 Air)

Sleeping Tune (Slow Air)

Sands of Kuwait (Slow Air)

At long last (4/4 March)

Castle Dangerous (3/4), On The Road To Passchendaele (3/4)

Scotland the Brave (4/4), Dawning of the Day (4/4)

Mairi's Wedding (2/4), Wha Saw the 42nd (2/4)

Macpherson's Lament (4/4), Cockney Jocks (4/4)

Green Hills of Tyrol (3/4), When the Battle's O'er (3/4)

Minstrel Boy (4/4), Rowan Tree (4/4)

Black Bear (2/4), Caller Herrin, (2/4), Road to the Isles (2/4), Barren Rocks of Aden (2/4)

Battle of the Somme (9/8), Heights of Dargai (9/8)

10th Battalion (6/8) – Cock of the North (6/8)

Andrew Warnock (4/4), Lord Lovat's Lament (4/4), Crags of Tumbledown Mountain (4/4)

These are my Mountains (12/8), Cullen Bay (5/4)

Afganistan (2/4 (Slow)

Jimmy Findlater (4/4)

Meeting of the Waters (4/4) - (Regimental March Past)

The Highland Laddie (2/4), The Brown-Haired Maiden (2/4)

Highland Cathedral (Slow March)

Farewell to the Creeks (6/8)

Wings (4/4), Lord Lovat's Lament (4/4)

Battle of Waterloo (4/4), Flett from Flotta (4/4)

Battle Honours Tunes

Castle Dangerous
Heroes of Ortona
Bloody Fields of Flanders
Farewell to the Creeks (Sicily)